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The 3 Barrel Rolling G Bender is a drop-in replacement of your original saddle. It's compatible with most 3-barrel Fender style bridges.


As with all Rolling Benders, this product requires absolutely no permanent alterations to your guitar and installs in minutes. Our 3 barrel Rolling Benders are manufactured to be high-quality and are available in solid brass or chrome plated.

3 Barrel Rolling G Bender

PriceFrom $150.00
  • Can I use 2 benders (B and G) on my guitar?

    • Though you can mount 2 Rolling Benders on the same guitar. It's not priactical to attempt a B/G bender system without the Rolling Bender Puller. This is because the benders sit so close to eachother, it's not possible to activeate one without hitting the other. This can be achieved with the Rolling Bender Puller.


    Can I put a Rolling G Bender on my Parsons White or Green equipped guitar?

    • The Rolling Bender is completely compatible and a very versatile addition to your guitar. We advise you contact us with a picture of your bridge if you aren't sure.
  • This product is eligible for return within 30 calendar days of delivery, with certain stipulations:

    • The product must be in original good, clean, working order.
    • All parts and accessories should be packed in the original packaging and/or packaging included.

    After 30 calendar days, we do not guarantee returns or refunds. The will be offered or declined at our discretion.

    For our full return policy, visit our Returns & Refunds page.

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